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He brought a life immortal

|| Azizu Isam Bhuyian ||

Today August 15th. On this day in 1975 the cruelest tragedy of human history took place. The clockwork of civilization suddenly stopped in front of no 32 Dhanmondi Residents. The humanity was shattered and face down under the black machine gun of the killers. Bangabandhu along with his family members ware assassinated living is beloved nation orphan. On this moment all beings of the whole Bengal, even nature drop tears. There was a drizzling at the dawn of day. It seemed like this rainy august and brutal bloodshed of Bangabandhu were the representation of the weeping of the sky itself crying out of extreme grievance. However with the traverse of time we reached at a point when this day- 15th August is no more a day for us to lament or to express ours shock. But now this day for us is the occasion to acquire strength and take renewed placed and determination to complete the unfinished task of Bangabandhu to build Sonar Bangla, the dream of our Father of the Nation.
The assassination of Bangabandhu rendered the our nation completely leaderless and devoid of guardian. At the present perspective if we evaluate the present situation of the country attuned to the ideals and sprit of Bangabandhu it would be clear that we do not have to learn by reading books of political science that how important the leadership of a nation is to protect its inde¬pendence and sovereignty, ensure its advancement and development, and keep its head high with dignity in the world. The struggling life of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the book of political science for us. We know that ‘A small country beside a vast country is Hardly sovereign.’ Only Cuba is an exception in world history. Cuba is standing tall as an independent and sovereign country residing in the stomach of vast USA. The single, simple and only reason of that is their legendary leader Fidel Castro. The Almighty Allah had given us such a Fidel Castro also for whom allied forces had to leave our beloved motherland within less than three months. It was possible to resolve numerous unsettled problems including the sharing of the water of Ganges, land boundary dispute etc through the historic Mujib-Indira Pact with our big neighbouring India. As Bangabandhu was there we were not small, though we are a small country in dimension.
Freedom of our country through the Liberation War has proved how powerful the leadership of Bangabandhu was. How magical it was! The Father of the Nation was made prisoner in the Lyallpur Prison after being taken to West Pakistan following the apprehension on the black night of 25 March 1971. Bangabandhu led the nation from the dark cell of the prison and the whole nation being imbued with the inspiration took part in the Liberation War. While describing the valour and success of the valiant free¬dom fighters it was described in the world media that ‘Imprisoned Mujib is million times powerful than free Mujib.’ And for that we had been able to liberate the country within just nine months defeating the Pakistani occupation forces which was then one of major and powerful armed forces of the world.

Now, let us look at the dark from the light. When the tragedy of August 15 took away Bangabandhu from us then we had everything – cabinet, parlia¬ment, government, MPs, governors, Awami League, Jubo league, Chhatra League, Sramik League, Mohila League, armed force, air force, navy, police, BDR, an extra Rakkhi Bahini (paramilitary civil force) etc and what not. Only we did not have Bangabandhu and his charismatic leadership with us. As we did not have Bangabandhu, we had to surrender before the war began; in fact, we had to accept the defeat without war. If Bangabandhu were taken prisoner on that day instead of getting killed, millions of people would have come out on streets and sacrificed their lives under the wheel of tanks of the killers and would have liberated the Father of the Nation. But when people, being ceased mentally, heard that Bangabandhu was no more there was no such leader in the country for whom people would come out on streets and sacrifice their lives. There was no such leader who would call the people to protest and resist, let alone fight.
The successive incidents of over five decades that happened in our national life had amply proved what a true testimony of fact that Bangladesh in the absence of Bangabandhu, the nation is lagging behind in comparison to other cpuntries that attained much after we getting independence.
It is generally said that some disgruntled mem¬bers of the army encouraged by the defeated enemies of the 1971 War of Liberation and imperialist forces had carried out this atrocious killing of the contempo¬rary world. However, the history of last four decades has proved that there is no scope to explain the issue through such simple equation. The root of that inci dent was embedded in much, much depth. The brutal assassination had not been carried out to eliminate one political leader or his family. The target of it was to kill a nation and wipe out an independent and sov¬ereign country from the World Map. Although the vicious plan did not come out successful, the nation has still remained an orphan.
To reach the present point of time Awami League has had to pass 66 winters and springs. The long path treaded by Awami League was not smooth always; rather it was full of thorns, brutal and wild beats. This celebrated political party is the witness of numerous ups and downs of the history—it has to traverse many wear-and-tear of time in contemporary history. After the liberation of the country the best task that Awami League did was the coronation of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina in the party’s leadership. Sheikh Hasina is not only the successor of the blood of Bangabandhu; she is the successor of the ideals
and spirit of Bangabandhu as well. If we look at float¬ing oceanic dream-like eyes of Sheikh Hasina the image of Bangabandhu (a Bengali with wide posture with white Panjabi and pajama [traditional local dress) and black Mujib coat and a brown shawl on his neck along with back-brushed hair and wide face structure) becomes live before the nation. If we look at the gentle palm of the soft hands of Sheikh Hasina then it reminds us the index-finger of Bangabandhu; weaving of which controlled the millions of people of this country like the Pied Piper of Hamelin – some¬times at the Racecourse Ground, sometimes at Paltan Maidan, sometimes at Bahadur Shah Park. As the leadership of the Awami League, ie the nation was bestowed upon Sheikh Hasina, the pro-liberation forces managed to get the scope of running the state machinery after 21 years. Otherwise, who knows how many decades would the nation be repressed under the anti-liberation forces?
Now, I want to use some nostalgic words here. It was imprinted in Bangabandhu that someday the responsibility of making the lot of the country would be bestowed on the hands of his beloved daughter. Bangabandhu in his historic 7 March speech had said, ‘This time the struggle is for emancipation, this time the struggle is for independence’. Bangabandhu com¬pleted the struggle for independence successfully. He gave us an independent and sovereign country, a national flag and a national anthem. And he left a tough struggle for his daughter Sheikh Hasina to carry on that ’emancipation’.
In the meantime, Jononetri [leader of the people) Sheikh Hasina has declared Digital Bangladesh, Vision-2021 and Developed Bangladesh 2041. This is the struggle for emancipation as declared by Bangabandhu; this is the Sonar Bangla, the dream of Bangabandhu. In 1971 responding to the call of Bangabandhu, three million people sacrificed lives and another 200,000 mothers and sisters lost their sanctity to liberate the country. Now, another war is approaching us. This war is dedicated to the emanci¬pation of ours. We have to start journey in the new Digital Bangladesh watching us in the mirror of Vision 2021 to Developed Bangladesh of 2041 riding the horse with new outfit and the spear of sun in hands. If required we will take millions of dead bodies like the 1971 on our shoulders and even then we will be the followers of the fiery oath to the ‘struggle for emanci¬pation’. If we can do it, Bangabandhu will ever remain immortal in the hearts of millions of Bengalis. Bangabandhu’s birth would be successful if we, his disciples and followers, can successfully translate the Sonar Bangla into reality in its true perspective attuned to the dream of the Father of the Nation.
When Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, the undisputed leader of Indian sub-continent, who was equally liked by Hindu-Muslimsd and otherr crest and creeds, Kobiguru Rabindra Nath Tagore paid tributes saying “He brought a life immortal and gave it to his people”. Had Kobigura been alive , perhaps he would write some similar verse to pay tributes to Bangabandhu, the Father of our Nation. In a real sense, Bangabandhu did not die. He can’t. He is immortal. He remains in the heart of Bengalies like Shaheed Minar , lime National Mausoleum.

Writer: Former vice president of National Press Club, President of Bangladesh Journalist Rights Forum, Former Chief Editor & Managing Director of BSS, President of Barisal Division’s Journalist Committee and Advisor Editor of  

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