Monday, 8th October , 2018, 08:35 pm,BDST

Cyber Threat Detection & Response project start

Alimuzzaman Harun, 8th October, Dhaka: The government is working on a project called “Cyber Threat Detection and Response” to prevent propaganda against the government, to protect the country’s image, to stop all pornography, and to prevent cyber-crime. Meanwhile, a 4-member team, including PDD’s director engineer Alhaz Rafiqul Matin, returned to Dhaka on 27 September after visiting the United States. The expiration date of the work has increased from May 18 to May 19. Local organization Tech Valley Solutions Limited got the project’s work order. The project will cost around Tk 1.5 billion. A United States company providing these devices made in Spain. This technology will work in filtering and blocking keywords. In this process, it will be removed or blocked considering the threats of written or tagged content such as Facebook or Twitter.

The concerned people think that this project is a timely project in Bangladesh for the sake of the country. This project has been in Singapore for a long time.

It is learned that the completion of the 18-month project will be explained to the BTRC. Office of the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) will be from the beginning of the project to the end.

In this project DOT director Alhaj Rafiqul Matin has been given the responsibility of the project. A senior BTCL official said that the government has given him the responsibility of PD in this project based on his good reputation, expertise and technical reputation as a technical officer.

This machine will play an effective role in preventing all kinds of cyber-crime, including anti-government propaganda, anti-government propaganda, Facebook in the country, or any anti-government campaign. At present, there are 28 IIGs and 3 Nix Exchanges to request any online shutdown.

Once the project is implemented, the BTRC can closed in one minute to stop fake Facebook id. Even if the government wants all the on-line texts to be filtered out of this machine. Nobody will be able to enter the porn site under 18 years of age. If someone wants to enter, then he can enter with his voter ID.

It has been reported that 28 IIFs and 3 Nix units will be installed in this Equipment. Whose complete control is in the hands of BTRC currently 19 people are present with the project.

The British government has taken a similar project. The British government is also going to impose such strictness on seeing pornography. It will be mandatory to save information about porn people on the website. The country’s government has also adopted age verification steps for online pornography. This means that for the age verification, the user has to give details of his mobile phone and passport. If you are old with mobile phone and passport details, then the user can view porn photos online.

This allows the user to get all the information from the website and the government. Earlier, online age was verified by providing credit card information. But teenagers use porn or adult credit cards to watch porn. The government has taken this step to stop this issue.

According to British law, such image capture or transmission for a person under the age of 18 is illegal and both are illegal. Even your own pictures too since the year 2013, British police identified more than 4,000 children involved in sexing. Most of them are between 13 to 14 years of age. Despite repeated warnings, this harmful culture cannot be stopped.

British daily The Telegraph reported that the Digital Economy Act passed this parliament early this year. The British Board of Film Classification, under the supervision of Digital Economy Minister Matt Hancock, has been able to block some porn sites. Besides, anyone below 18 years of age has been blocked online for viewing porn. And the new rules will be issued mandatory from April next year.

It is said in the report that the new government has welcomed the country’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). The organization has been claiming that the pornographic images are pushing the young people to ruin. The association has demanded similar measures in social media.

But human rights organizations have criticized this move. They say that the user must provide the details of his mobile phone and passport for age verification on the porn site – this is good. But at the same time the user’s information is going away from the database of the website. For some reason hackers may be in danger if users steal that information.

In Britain, the country’s government and guardians have been showing concern for the increased sex increase in children in Britain. Analysts are most responsible for the spread of this sex to children, to the social media. At first they became accustomed to sexual behavior. But they have also given importance to family education. If the children do not get proper education from the family, then their character is not possible to develop. It is also risky to allow the child to use the internet freely.

Teachers of different educational institutions of the country said that before the school boundaries are being attacked due to online pornography, students are being affected by this addiction. According to a survey report, about two-thirds of the students or about 62 percent of the teachers know about such behavior. The survey has been conducted on more than one thousand teachers.

According to British law, such image capture or transmission for a person under the age of 18 is illegal and both are illegal. Even your own pictures too since the year 2013, British police identified more than 4,000 children involved in sexing. Most of them are between 13 to 14 years of age. Despite repeated warnings, this harmful culture cannot be stopped.

There are so many things that can be found in this free world of the internet. After browsing, you can delete all of them. No one will know anything. But this is not the end, the website will be identified to show the pictures of the porn will keep you. The history of the site cannot be avoided even after deleting the history from computer or mobile. You can publish your name and identity at any time.





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