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FF families hurts due to end of job quota

Lastnewsbd, 8th October, Dhaka:  Some academics and rights activists expressed frustration over abolishing of the quota for class I and II government jobs. Children of freedom fighters blocked Shahbagh intersection in the city on Wednesday night, in protest against the cabinet decision to scrap job quota. Talking to the daily sun, Dhaka University Professor Giyas Uddin Mollah, pro-liberation organisation Amra Muktijoddhar Santan (AMS) adviser Prof Kazi Saifuddin and women rights activist Sutana Kamal voiced their concern over the decision. Prof Gyasuddin said, “It’s not good news for us when the country is moving towards a secular state.” “We’ve been fighting against the communal power before and after the liberation war. When the country has been leading to development under the  leadership of a pro-liberation government, it’s really a wrong move for the freedom fighters and their families,” he expressed his concern while talking to the daily sun. Ain O Shalish Kendra Executive Director Sultana Kamal expressed her concern over the government move terming the decision ‘regressive’ for the socio-economic development. Scrapping of the quota for top government jobs has hurt family members of freedom fighters. “We think there was a misunderstanding among the policymakers. Our constitution preserves the rights of disadvantaged groups like women and physically challenged people. To escape these privileges, we should bring changes in constitution first,” she told the daily sun on Wednesday.

Jagannath University Professor Kazi Saifuddin said, “It’s frustrating for all of us who belong the sprit of liberation war. There were some opportunities to adjust ratio in quota system rather than withdraw all. We are really hurt,” He also mentioned that quota for the family members of freedom fighters at bottom-line jobs is an indirect dishonour to them. According to the existing rules, the quota system allows the government to preserve 56 percent of posts in jobs under different quotas: 30 percent for families of freedom fighters, 10 percent for women, 10 percent for disadvantaged districts, 5 percent for small ethnic groups and one percent for people with disabilities. Sultana also said, “Scraping quota for women has come as a surprise to most of us when the situation of CEDAW implementation is very poor in the country.” CEDAW or Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women – a United Nations treaty on women rights, recommended quota privilege for women to reduce gender gap in society. Bangladesh is one of the countries, which had signed its commitment to the convention and ratified it on November 6, 1984. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman first introduced quota privilege for the family members of freedom fighters in 1972 in return for their contribution to the country and the system was reduced by the anti-liberation forces in 1985. The Awami League-led government re-launched the quota system in 1996 when they came to power after the democratic revolution. Historians and academics have mentioned that the families of freedom fighers had been deprived of the state-honour for 21 years during the military-backed government in the post-liberation period. The family members of freedom fighters are also surprised at the decision as they think the government move ‘will narrow’ social honour to the heroes of the country’s Liberation War.


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