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BTCL running on Turtle speed

Alimuzzaman Harun, Lastnewsbd, 7th October: Three services in BTCL’s Land Fane did not reach the general customer level. Internet, TV, and voice calls on a connection have come to haunt the project. This company is no longer able to tell who to run MD Mahfuzuddin Ahmad wants to make BTCL more dynamic and profitable, because the subordinates are unable to accept him, because the speed of the tortoise of the work. MD does not meet journalists. Its strength or strength is very strong. Some organizations have been given outsourcing to provide Internet services at the customer level. According to the agreement they get 7% of the bill. The difficult conditions, the customer’s uninterrupted service will be ensured. Which is no longer in agreement? Some customers in the capital are also withdrawn because of poor service standards on government net. This reporter had taken away the ADCL services in the Home Office 2 line, because of all the low-end people.

In order to reach the customer service level, the company purchased 1 million 30 thousand connections devices 4 years ago. But in three years, only three thousand subscribers were able to reach three partial facilities in one go. BTCL However, the sources said that the number is even lower. BTCL’s managing director Mahfuzuddin Ahmed did not get the statement. According to the BTCL sources, about 400 crores of rupees are spent for implementing this project. Triple play services included voice calls, internet and TV viewing. Currently, only a limited number of subscribers in the capital are given voice calls and internet access in the name of triple play services. Some VVIP services are available in hand. However, the TV service is not yet operational. The allegations have been raised; the influential people are behind the triple play services not being introduced. Those who provide dish TV and internet services, they have stopped it. But BTCL says it is not possible to reach customer level due to technical difficulties. To get rid of this error requires huge amount of money. Triple play is not being launched because the money is not available. It is alleged that, before the completion of the project in June 2015, KT Marubeni was paid a bill of Tk 400 crore. Not only that, the bill was passed by passing the understanding of BTCL’s equipment (PAT) committee at that time. There is no responsibility for the project and the contracting organization. Now, to start the project, we have to create a project again.

BTCL said that the process of setting up a fiber optic cable is not completed in the capital Dhaka for providing services through triple-point. Telecommunication Department is going to take initiatives to launch the latest triple-point facility. But in how much time can the customer get the benefit, no BTCL officials can say this specifically. BTCL claims that they do not have enough manpower to provide this service. The concerned people have said that the process of developing a successful network for triple play services has been started by 2011, through the BTCL’s ‘Telecommunication Network Development Project’ (TNDP) lot part of Japan’s international aid agency JICA loan. But from the beginning, there were allegations of various irregularities surrounding the project. In particular, the contractor decided to refund the price of the US dollar in violation of the payment of Japanese Yen. It cost about 150 crores more. There is a great deal of controversy about the payment of the contractor by placing the equipment before installing the required jeeping equipment for the triple-level service. It is learned that the expenditure allocated by signing the Bill of Quantity (BOOT) committee is finalized through signature fraud. The other part of this project was a huge controversy over the process of lot-bitter tender. At the same time, there were complaints of irregularities and long legal battle in court. After the BTCL was defeated in the case, the lot-B part of the project, which was adopted for the establishment of sophisticated fiber optic cable, was not implemented at all. The loan allocated for this part has also withdrawn JICA. After the withdrawal of JICA loan, the investigation committee formed by the Prime Minister’s Office also found evidence of irregularities surrounding the TNDP project. They have not been prosecuted until today. Rather they are running on the royal house.

According to sources, through the long-B part, there was an uninterrupted fiber-optic cable network in the capital city of Dhaka including the capital city of Dhaka. There was a plan to spread voice calls, cable TV and internet services in the same capital and then the divisional and district towns of the country. But due to lack of fiber optic network due to the fact that Lot-B is not implemented, the triple play facility implemented through the lot cannot be reached to the general public in the capital. In some areas the TNDP project was scheduled to end in June 2014. However, the project was implemented in Dudafaya by June 2016. After one and a half years, the services of triple play facility have been provided only in Mirpur and Baridhara, DOHS and surrounding areas of Gulshan. In these areas, voice calls and internet access are provided in the same connection with Triple Pl. But cable TV is not being provided. The NGN (Next Generation Network) through this project was not possible to ensure the kind of advanced networking facilities that were to be provided through a soft switch.

The source said, the hand of the influential people is behind the triple play launch. Dish TV will not be needed when it launches. A BTCL executive is not allowing the service to be started by managing the staff. To make BTCL profitable from losses, the costly TNDP project was taken. Will continue………

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150 crore project to prevent misconception against Government

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