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Walton ready for additional demand of refrigerators

Lastnewsbd, 23rd July, Dhaka: Walton is keeping pace with global technology and time. This Bangladeshi brand has emerged as the top brand of new technology and high quality fridges of diverse designs. Now they have made huge preparations to sell refrigerated fridges for the next Eid-ul-Fitr Eid. Walton has taken a target to sell 5 lakh refrigerators in the main season of Refrigerator, Eidul Azha. It has been learned that Walton’s long-standing market share of refrigerators in the country has long been a Walton brand. Last Friday, they sold more than 200,000 fridges in the local market. It is believed that Eid-ul-Azha is the main season of selling frozen market.

In addition to the normal requirement, for the preservation of the sacrifice of the sacrifice, the sale of refrigerators increased greatly. For that reason the vendors wait for the whole year. However, it can be seen that the suppliers cannot get out with the demand in the last moment. That’s why Walton has already made preparations. Production has been increased in the factory. Enhanced stock has been raised. In this situation, the target for sale of 5 lakh refrigerators in July and August has been set. Which is about 27 percent more than the previous Era-ul-Qarabi sale? Walton has sold around 4 lakh refrigerators before last year’s Eid (July and August). And the necessary strategies have already been taken to meet these targets, said the concerned authorities.

According to sources, Walton has one of Asia’s largest development and research centers for research on refrigerators. The skilled engineers working there are constantly bringing in the market through research. Bangladesh’s weather-friendly technology and design refrigerators. Meanwhile, Walton’s Glass Door, Intelligent Inverter and Large Dipped Fridge of different models have gained customer interest in the market. Outside of this, all models of refrigerators of Walton have huge demand. Along with the world’s latest technology and machineries, Walton produces high quality refrigerators in their own factory and brings it to the consumers at an affordable price. Authorities said that soon after the Eid Eid, the production of refrigerators in the Walton factory has been increased. Six to seven thousand fridges are being prepared every day. 24 hours of freezing delivery from the factory to the plaza and distributors. Sufficient vehicles have been prepared to keep the supply normal. Along with the factories, each sales center has been built around the required stock. In order to increase demand, it is possible to keep the supply normal.

Authorities argue that this year’s Eid sells a huge amount of fridge sales, the argument is that successive growth. Walton has sold 25 percent more refrigerators at the same time this year compared to the first six months of last year (January to June). They argue that firstly, the use of intra-electric inverter technology compressors for Walton refrigerators is about 50 percent of the electricity saving. Along with this, world-recognized full-use environmentally friendly and 600-percent use of refrigerant gas is saving about 10 percent of the electricity. Besides, the use of LED lights inside the refrigerator is also saving electricity. For which recognition Walton received the fridge, BSTI’s highest rating is ‘Five Star’ certificate. There is also ISO certificate. Walton’s engineers said Walton refrigerators are guaranteed to save 92 percent of humidity and 43 degrees Celsius for Bangladesh’s healthier food. Walton Freeze is being marketed by the Bangladesh Accreditation Board and the standard testing laboratory of the countries only testing lab Nasdaat UTS Lab is being evaluated. Zero Tolerance policy has been taken to control the quality. Walton is not only according to the weather conditions of Bangladesh; Producing and exporting local weather utility fries in different countries. According to them, consumers should be scrutinized whether the imported fridge from abroad is being prepared according to the weather conditions of this country.

Executive Director (Plaza Sales and Development) and chief coordinator of marketing department Eva Rizwana said before the Korbani Eid, there was a huge demand for refrigerators. That’s why, after the fasting, we have created marketing plans from production. Hopefully, Walton will be able to meet the excess demand of refrigerators in the domestic market around Eid. Emdadul Haque Sarker, the executive director and marketing director of Walton, said they are hopeful, to meet the targets. According to him, consumers’ confidence in Walton increased. Dependency increases. Buyers have come to believe that Walton refrigerators made in the country compared to imported refrigerators are very high quality, cost-effective. In his view, the demand for Walton refrigerators will increase further in the coming days. He said Walton’s glass door, the non-frost inverter technology and the demand for big dip fridges in the Fifty-Fifty model have increased significantly. Walton Deep Freezers also increased demand and sales.

Note that the use of sophisticated technology in production, zero tolerance for quality control, numerous designs and diverse colors, affordable price, one-year replacement guarantee, 10 years replacement guarantee for inverter compressor, fast delivery service guarantee, wide range of ISO certified sales and service network, and above all, local weather The buyer said that the utility is made The first choice of refrigerators.

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