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‘Vision 2030’: Khaleda Zia’s full speech at the press conference

Lastnewsbd, 10th May, Dhaka: BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has promised to bring the balance of power of the executive power through the necessary amendments to the constitution, demanding that the Prime Minister’s sole executive power has created a dictatorial rule over the parliamentary government. She said this while presenting the BNP’s Vision 2030 at a press conference in Gulshan, Westin on Wednesday afternoon. Although the press conference was supposed to be held at 4:30 pm, Khaleda ji came to the ceremony at 4:52 pm.

Khaleda said that the executive power of the Republic in the existing constitutional structure alone is entrusted to the Prime Minister. Such measures are contrary to the accepted system of parliamentary system. In recent years, the countrymen realized this deeply. BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia said the government will examine the establishment of the upper house as part of the existing parliamentary system reform, keeping the centrally held character of the constitution unchanged. In the constitution, the referendum will be reintroduced, the former Prime Minister said, and the Jatiya Sangsad will be turned into the center of all national activities. Discussion will be discussed with the opposition on national interest.

The ban will be canceled: Khaleda Zia said that the BNP believes in human values and human dignity. Certain types of adolescents will not be accepted in the name of the rule of law. BNP will cancel all types of ban.

The commitment of the judiciary to make the judiciary: With the promise of establishing the rule of law by ensuring the independence and neutrality of the judiciary, the BNP leader said that separate secretariat will be set up under the Supreme Court to free the subordinate courts from the discretion of the executive. She also said that all the judicial administration and judicial process will be completely transformed into electronic / online management to make them accountable to the corruption-free, transparent and judiciary. ‘Police do not take the case when the police station is presently. The BNP chairperson said that the right to get the legal security of criminal justice candidates will be established by creating an opportunity to file complaints through the use of online system and mobile technology in the country’s police stations. With the promise of reducing the complexity of the case, appointing a number of qualified judges, BNP Chairperson said, the jury system will be revived to make the judicial process smooth and fast. The village court will be converted into an effective court on the basis of reform. The former Prime Minister said about the formation of a high judicial commission for the reform of the judiciary.

The modernization of police will be: With the commitment of building Bangladesh as an independent organization for discharging its duty from the party’s influence, Khaleda Zia said that unwarranted political interference will be discontinued on law enforcement agencies. The judicial and welfare public administration will be developed through the judicial supervision of the police. She assured that low-level police officers should work at risk for overtime and risky work and to solve housing problems for more than eight hours of duty.

BNP will make proper list of freedom fighters and martyrs: Corruption has been done in the name of making the list of freedom fighters, Khaleda Zia complained, BNP will make the right list of freedom fighters and martyrs when they are in power. Referring to the fact that the freedom fighters are not evaluated in the state level, the BNP chief said that BNP will make a proper list in the state initiative and give them proper status and state recognition. The allowance for the freedom fighters will be increased. The freedom fighters will be declared ‘respected citizens of the state’.

High middle income will be the country: BNP wants to make Bangladesh a middle-income country in 2030, Khaleda said, the per capita income will be upgraded to US $ 5 thousand by this time. For this, creative and intelligent efforts will be taken to upgrade the annual growth rate to double digit.

5 percent of GDP will be spent in the education sector: The BNP chief said, “Five percent of the total GDP will be spent on education sector, illiteracy will be overcome within a decade.” A separate education channel will be launched. Unpaid education will be ensured till graduation and equivalent. BNP’s education policy will be life oriented, not a diagrammukhi.

Information and technology will be the highest foreign currency earning sector: BNP has given the highest importance to the information and technology sector, Khaleda Zia has promised that this sector will be turned into the highest foreign exchange-earning sector in the future. She said, ‘Out source and software sector will be particularly encouraged. All illogical barriers will be removed to bring the money acquired from abroad in the information and technology sectors. Global Payment Gateway facility will be offered in small charges to facilitate freelancers and outsourcing. Khaleda Zia has announced to facilitate foreign investment in the information and technology sector. “The institutional arrangements and the incentive incentives will be given to ensure that foreign investment in the ICT sector and local and foreign joint ventures are made.”

Apart from this, the mutual fund for the ICT industry, the highest speed internet at affordable price, the high cost of the G coverage, the IT parks across the country, the establishment of smart schools in every district, computing in every district. BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Wednesday said her party wants to bring a balance in Prime Minister’s executive power through a constitutional amendment if returns to power. Mentioning that the existing constitutional order vests all the executive powers of the republic unilaterally in the hands of the Prime Minister, she said this system is completely inconsistent with the recognised form of parliamentary system. “Experience of the recent time made the country’s people to deeply realise that the monolithic executive authority of the Prime Minister has created an authoritarian dictatorship with a parliamentary facade. In order to bring an end to this situation, the executive power of the republic shall be balanced through appropriate constitutional amendment,” said the BNP chief.

As part of the reforms of the constitutional arrangement, she said, it will be examined whether an upper house of the Jatiya Sangsad can be established keeping the existing unitary character and structure of the constitution intact. Khaleda made the remarks while unveiling her party’s 256-point Vision-2030 at a crowded press conference at Westin Hotel in Gulshan of the capital. The BNP chief said her party wants to build a happy, prosperous, modern and self-respecting nation. “BNP firmly believes that people should be there at the central stage of all national development. BNP has complied Vision 2030 to achieve the objectives of making Bangladesh a happy, prosperous, modern and self-respecting nation through uprooting the obstacles that thwart people’s genius efforts into enthusiasm and initiative,” she added. Khaleda further said, “BNP aims to build a tolerant human, peace-loving, people’s welfare-oriented, social and economic justice-driven democratic and prosperous society ensuring participatory role of people belonging to all faiths, ethnic nationalities and upholding their thoughts, hopes and aspirations.” She said her party is committed to building a liberal democratic society wherein freedom of expression and rights of citizens upholding national interest shall be protected. She promised that her party will repeal the Special Powers Act-1974.

Khaleda said BNP wants to bring an end to political and social divisions in the country by uniting the spirit of Bangladeshi nationalism. Khaleda placed the Vision 2030 as forerunner of her party’s electoral manifesto for the next parliament election scheduled to be held in 2019. She said BNP will restore the provision of referendum in the Constitution “to reinstate the democratic right of the people”. Top leaders of BNP, including Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Moudud Ahmed, Tariqul Islam, Mahbubur Rahman, MK Anwar and Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, were present. Leaders of the components of BNP-led 20-party alliance, pro-BNP professionals and intellectuals and diplomats of different countries were also present.


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