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General Zia made comments after Sheikh Mujib’s assassination

Lastnewsbd, 15th August, Dhaka: Like other days, President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returned home on August 14, 1975 at 8.00 pm, Dhanmondi 32 number. After 12 o’clock at the end of the meal, the entire house fell asleep. At that time, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s personal assistant, AFM Muhithul Islam, was working in a room below the house. Muhtul Islam went to sleep at 3 o’clock. Shortly after that, he called on the telephone caller Muhtul Islam from the house. Because the President wanted to talk to him. Muhithul Islam died in 2016 in 1996; Muhithul Islam became the plaintiff in the murder case of Sheikh Mujib. Earlier in a meeting with BBC Bangla in 2010, Muhithul Islam said, ‘Bangabandhu told me to attack Serniabat’s house. In that situation I was trying to telephone the police. Then Bangabandhu came down from above. Wearing lungis on the back Then he told me to give it to me. He took the receiver from me. He said that hello, I say President Sheikh Mujib. As soon as he said this, he started to shoot like rain. He stood on the balcony and said that police sentry, army sentry – so what are you doing? I stood behind him. He went upstairs and said that he went upstairs. During the shootings, nobody at the house, including the President could not even imagine the incident. When Sheikh Kamal, the son of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was shot dead on the bottom floor of the house, was getting an idea about the incident, said Muhithul Islam. Sheikh Kamal was killed by armed killers at the house of Dhanmondi at first. After hearing the sound of the shootings, Sheikh Kamal came down to the bottom of the house to know about the incident.

‘Five or six army personnel, someone wearing a black cloth dresser, came in front of him and said, hands up. Kamal Bhai says, I am Sheikh Kamal, the son of President Sheikh Mujib. Immediately the brush fire. ‘Shaun Kamal fell on his face and fell on the ground. When the attack on President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s house the killers took control of the whole house without any resistance. Muhitul Islam said that the safety of a President’s house in the house was not in Dhanmondi 32 number house. Apart from attacks on the President’s house, there was no help from any side. After the assassination of Sheikh Kamal, the killers were going to the top of the house by shooting desperately. Arid killings started on top All around, then only the words of firing. “Troubles are running above. A horrible situation all around. At that moment, started shouting from the top that we got it. Later, I heard a speech of Bangabandhu. He said, Where do you want to take me? Next brush the fire. We did not hear the voice of Bangabandhu, ‘Mu’tul Islam described this incident in the night. According to Muhitul Islam, the last killed in the house of Dhanmondi was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s younger son Sheikh Russell. He was only ten years old. The murder was in front of Muhtul Islam. ‘Russell came running to me and kept me alive. I said, will not you kill me? He heard his voice and my eyes burst in the water. A killer came and beat me with a rifle butt. Seeing me, Russell gave me up. O (Sheikh Russell) was crying that ‘I will go to my mother, I will go to my mother’. A killer came and said to him, ‘Let’s come to your mother’. I could not believe that the killers would be so cruel that even a little child would kill them. Russell took it inside and then fire the fire. ‘ After killing all the members of President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the killers were telling each other, ‘All and Finished (all the last).’ Some officers of the army were involved in the killing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. At that time, Amin Ahmed Chowdhury, who was working as lieutenant colonel in Dhaka Cantonment, who later became Major General. Amin Chowdhury died in 2013.

In an interview with BBC Bangla in 2010, he said that a group of army soldiers led by Major Rashid surrounded his house on August 15, 1975, an army officer involved in the assassination in the morning. Amin Ahmed Chowdhury still did not know that President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was murdered by his family. The army led by Major Rashid took Amin Ahmed Chowdhury and then Colonel Shafayat Jamil to the house of Major General Ziaur Rahman. General Zia then deputy head of the army Amin Ahmed Choudhury knew that President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed by the radio while entering the house of Ziaur Rahman. ‘General Zia shaving on one side did not shave on one side. Sleeping suit came running. He asked Shafayet, “What has happened to Shafayat?” Shafayet said, “Coupe in the Apprental Two Battalion Stage. We do not know anything yet. The President has heard the announcement on the radio that the President has died. “Then General Zia said, So what? Let’s vice president take over. You’ve Nothing to Do Youth Politics. ‘Amin Ahmed Chowdhury, mentioned that two battalions of the cantonment were involved in the coup, but the whole army was not in favor of it. When the news of the coup spread in the Dhaka Cantonment, it was too late. Why the news of the coup plan was not known before and why no other unit of the army came forward is still a big question.

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